Here's What You Can Learn About Gigging From My 15+ Years of Playing Live

One of the most common struggles musicians have is getting more gigs.

Playing live is really fun and once you start gigging regularly it actually becomes quite addictive.

Addictive in the feel good fun way, not the strung out on heroin lying on the bathroom floor kind of way.

You might find that it's hard to get a gig in your town. Maybe nobody responds to your email or you don't have an "in" anywhere.

Or maybe you've been playing live for a while but you find it hard to make enough money to make your addiction sustainable.

Again, in that feel good kind of way, not the up for days on meth kind of way.

(Btw...I have a lot of lawyer friends that are public defenders that tell me addiction stories. These are not personal experiences!)

But I digress.

What I do know about is playing live and getting gigs.

I've been playing live music since I was about 15 years old which is more than half of my entire life.

I've played Scandinavian alt-metal at tiny dive bars in Iceland.

Here's a picture if you don't believe me:

I've been on a weird tour that took me to a huge arena in Greenland.

But since my teenage years I've toned it down a little bit. Ever since I moved abroad, first to Spain and then to the United States I've become more of a singer/songwriter.

I've been a frontman in a folk-rock group.

I've also been a touring bass player in an alt-country-western band.

And all along I've been gigging. Playing gigs big and small.

Tiny venues in Tucson.

This was a $250 gig. Not bad for a fun 2 hour set.

Auditoriums in Alaska.

This was a $500 show.

Pool Parties in Palm Desert.

This was a $300 show in addition to food and lodging while we were on tour.

And everywhere in between!

But what I enjoy most is sharing my experiences so that people can experience the thrill of gigging themselves.

Which is why I wrote Get More Gigs: The Essential Guide to Booking, Performing and Making Money From Gigs as an Independent Musician.

It's my step by step system I've used to get more gigs than I can count from the last half of my life.

And you can get it for less than a fancy coffee drink from Starbucks.

  • The Three Things You Need to Have Before Your First Gig
  • A Step By Step System to Reach Out to Venues and Getting Them to Respond
  • The Rule of Three to Be Booked Back
  • Online Promotion Strategies to Get People to Your Shows
  • A Crash Course in Live Sound So You Sound Great to Your Audience
  • How to Structure Your Shows to Get the Audience to Remember You
  • The 4 Basic Ways to Make Money at Your Gigs (And How to Implement Them)
  • How to Get Paid as Much as Possible From Your Performance
  • The One Unique Way to Get Paid Royalties From Your Live Show After the Show is Over
  • How to Make the Best Merchandise For Your Band
  • How to Price Your Merchandise so it Sells!
  • The One Tip Jar Trick I Use to Get 200% More Tips From My Shows

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Get More Gigs + Musicpreneurship 101

Your Crash Course in Music Success

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Musicpreneurship 101

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What's Musicpreneurship 101?

Learn to Create a Cool Web Presence, Promote Your Music and Reach More Fans.

If you've been needing help with music marketing and promotion and don't know where to start, Musicpreneurship 101 will show you the way.

This is your no-nonsense guide on using the web to promote your music using solid business principles.​

Whether you need help setting up the technical side of a simple website, cheat sheet scripts that tell you the best ways to promote yourself to new potential fans, or what to write to sell your music and/services for maximum effectiveness, I've got you covered.

  1. Step by Step Training: In the videos I'll show you both the theory and the practical applications of exactly how you create a base of operations for your music. Even if you're not a technically savvy developer you won't need to worry.
  2. Word by Word Scripts: Don't know how to describe your music or what to say on your About Page? Use these simple scripts to easily create solid descriptions that sells your musical image while still staying original.
  3. Checklists: There's no need to worry about whether you forgot a crucial marketing component. These checklists will keep you on track the whole way through.

The strategies I teach you in Musicpreneurship 101 are the same ones I've used to make a full-time income in the music industry for the last 5 years. They include advice that I've paid thousands of dollars for in coaching and education which has paid for itself multiple times over. They've helped me create freedom from a job and a location independence that's allowed me work wherever I am in the world, tour the US without decreasing my income and helped me work on projects I otherwise couldn't have financially. I want everyone to be able to experience that which is why I've created this very specific package.

What Do You Learn?

Part 1 - Fundamentals of an Effective Online Presence

  • The importance of consistency to effectively market your music to find the exact fans you want
  • Using my simple step by step process you will confidently build your own website even if you don't know anything about web development
  • Why you need one place (and one place only!) to send both booking agents and fans alike. 
  • Why you should have absolute control over your musical image and the importance of not relying on other sites to do it for you
  • The only two things you should pay for when setting up your online presence (This will cost you less than what you'll make at your next gig)
  • The only necessary ingredients to an effective band page that's both simple and professional
  • How to find and install a pre-designed website that only requires a few tweaks to get ready, saving you time to focus on your music and avoiding the headaches of needing it professionally designed
  • The only four pages your website needs (and exactly what to put on them)
  • Setting up your analytics to see where your audience is coming from (this is incredibly helpful if you're going on tour and are wondering where your fans are)
  • The most important plug-ins for your website to capture more fans and increase your traffic
  • The simplest way to add your streaming music, gig calendar and email list to your homepage, without needing any technical knowledge

Part 2 - Social Media Marketing Fundamentals

  • How to use social media to reinforce your online marketing efforts and gain new fans
  • The most important social media site to be on (it's not Facebook, Twitter or Instagram...)
  • Which social media sites to use if you're looking to get more exposure for your music
  • The pros and cons of the most popular social media sites online and tips on how to use them effectively
  • The importance of efficiency to save both time and effort when you're marketing your music
  • How to create your big picture strategy for both your social media AND website marketing

After this part you'll leverage both your band's website and social media to gain more fans and get your music out there in new and creative ways.

Worksheets and Checklists

To keep you on track you'll also receive worksheets to help you create content for both your website and social media sites.

  • Word by word scripts to help you create the perfect description of your music
  • A detailed description of what to include in your about page
  • A special checklist to refer to while you're creating your own marketing hub to keep you focused and on track
  • An important Home Page checklist to make the most out of every visit by a potential fan or booking agent

Plus Two Free Modules:

The Path to Online Presence for Home Studio Musicians

Along with the modules above that'll teach you all the fundamentals you'll need to set up your online presence, I've also included specific things you should include if you're a home studio producer working with other bands locally or remotely.

  • How to structure your home page to showcase your production work, mixes or recordings to get more work
  • How to use the fundamentals of marketing whether you're marketing your music as a musician or your sound as an engineer.
  • What you should include on the all important Services Page to get more paying clients
  • How to use social media to reach out and sell your services to interested bands
  • Checklists on the necessary software needed to accept payment, handle files or manage client relationships

If you're just starting out your home studio these tools will help you get up and running quickly and if you're already working in the industry these tools are designed to help you streamline your process and make you work more efficiently.

Email Marketing is the #1 Way to Maintain Relationships with Fans and Customers

Also included is a special third module on email marketing teaching you the fundamentals of setting up your email software and email campaign examples to help you create your first email campaign.

  • How to get more fans on your email list. The more fans you have subscribed, the more potential income you will make.
  • How to create incentives to create more subscribers from fans coming to your site.
  • How to give your fans exactly what they want with your recordings or music service.
  • A step by step blueprint on how to contact your fans effectively through email to sell your music, services or products.

This is a "music" version of the Email Marketing for Entrepreneurs presentation I've taught to up and coming entrepreneurs at the Thryve Scaleup business incubator as well as the TENWESTt conference (Tucson's version of South By Southwest). The principles are the same but you'll see how you can use them with specific music related businesses like bands and/or home studios.

About the Musicpreneur

Hi, I'm Björgvin Benediktsson, touring musician, audio engineer, educator and entrepreneur. Put those all together and you get a musicpreneur, someone whose sole passion is creating cool projects in the music industry that people can learn from to make an impact with their own music.

I've been a musician for over half of my life either on stage playing music and since 2008 I've been running various business ventures in the music industry. I have a degree in both Business Economics and Entrepreneurship and I've done all the boring marketing math so you don't have to. I believe having an entrepreneurial spirit is the most important skill you can acquire to become successful. That's why I created the $1,000 Musician and Musicpreneurship 101. ​

Knowing the fundamentals of marketing and entrepreneurship is invaluable to succeed in the music business and the sole reason I created this course. Even if you've already established yourself in the industry I think you'll find the information very valuable to strengthen your marketing and business knowledge.​


I'm not interesting in keeping your money if I didn't help you out. That's why I stand behind my materials 100%.

So if you didn't learn anything new or aren't satisfied in any way just let me know and I'll refund your money, no questions asked.

If you're not happy, I'm not happy.

Become a More Successful Musician Now

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