Discover 70 Ways to Monetize Your Music Career

Learn to Make Money From ALL Your Musical Activities

If you want to wake up every day happy that you get to work on music in various ways and  earn a decent living without a boss hovering over you every step of the way you might need some ideas on how to do so.

Let me give you 70 ideas on how to take your musical abilities and transform them into multiple business ventures that generate multiple streams of income.

Hi there, my name is Björgvin Benediktsson and I'm a musician, audio engineer and entrepreneur (Musicpreneur for short).

Let me tell you a story:

​The days of traditional work in the music industry is over. You won't apply for a job at Corporate Music Inc and get your dream job anymore.

You have to create it yourself. Sure, it's more of a hustle, but the hustle is so worth it.

There was a time I was a dirt poor student shoveling myself into debt with my student loans as I went through school.

What I learned in school wasn't how to play the game to get a job. I saw a lot of my fellow students scrambling to put their resume together so they could walk into corporate America and be told what to do for the rest of their lives.

What I learned from that experience is that you have to have an entrepreneurial mindset and a belief in yourself if you want any sense of career happiness.

While they tweaked the formatting on their resumes I studied other skills like how to improve and grow my own small music business I had created on the side. While they ​did mock interviews to prepare them for soul-sucking jobs I went to conferences and networked with people already working in the industry I wanted to work in. While they agonized over how much they would compromise on their dreams the thought never crossed my mind.

At that point I was already loving the start of my career:​

  • I sold my knowledge on how to record and produce music.
  • I played live shows multiple times a month for extra cash (not to mention all the fun it made me!)
  • I made money from recording artists in my home studio.

Those are just three of my income streams. Today I have about 7 - 10 income streams going on at any one time. That means that if one of them goes away I'll just have to buy a little less beer that week until I'm back on track.

But if one of those corporate monkeys I called classmates get fired? They're screwed.

Don't let that happen to you. Make a decision to follow your passion and do what makes you happy. You don't have to do it full-time to start (sometimes that's too risky), but make a conscious effort to build something you're proud of that you can put your own name on. ​

Let me give you 70 of my ideas so you can get started. Many of these ideas I use myself to make money, pay the bills and (most importantly) have fun.​

70 Ways to Monetize Your Music Career is for you if...

You need ideas to make more money from your music. If you're looking for ways to slowly transition from a boring job into a diverse music career filled with different money-making activities and income then 70 Ways to Monetize Your Music Career will get you started.

Be warned though, working in music is hard work and takes dedication and ambition. The only person who can do the work is yourself. So if you still like working a boring job during the day because it's too hard to do the work then this product is not for you. But if you want a chance at waking up every morning with a smile because you get to work on music in various ways then I hope to see you on the inside.

  • If you play live shows then you will learn how to use your live gigs to make more money, with the 17 Ways to Make Money Playing Live.
  • If you want to create a dedicated fan base that buys your music then you'll also get ideas on how to get them to subscribe (and then buy) your latest album.
  • One of the most important aspects of today's independent music scene is to transform your fans into paying patrons by giving them valuable behind the scenes insights that make them feel special.
  • If you're having a difficult time getting a gig in your hometown or city then don't worry. You'll receive ideas on how to create online shows where you reach a worldwide audience.
  • If you're really creative at making diverse genres of music but don't want to play as a band then you can replicate my friend's success that's generated over $60,000 in sales for him, all from short, original music he's created in his bedroom.
  • If you want to pay your musical skills forward by teaching others you'll receive multiple ideas on how to create one on one classes, physical workshops and online classes so you can make an income from a skill you already have.
  • Learning new skills is an important aspect of making more money in the music industry. In 70 Ways to Monetize Your Music Career I'll show you how to use your musical skills to expand your expertise and income.
  • If you already have a successful side-job playing live shows then you'll also learn how to use the relationships you already have with venues and booking agents to earn a commission from other bands.

What Do You Get With 70 Ways to Monetize Your Music Career?

Report for Easy Referencing

You'll receive an insightful report for quick ideas on how to improve your music career and add multiple income streams to your work.

In-Depth Video

In the hour-long vide we'll go into detail on all 70 ways to monetize your music career, with in-depth discussion on how to use each idea.

Instant Download

No waiting around each idea. No clunky membership log-in. No streaming video you can't take anywhere with you. You'll receive all the content immediately.

PLUS: Exclusive Interview With Kris Kerry on booking gigs.

Many of the ideas I give you in 70 Ways to Monetize Your Music Career are for playing live shows. If you've never played a gig in your life I understand it's hard to use those ideas.

So I interviewed Kris Kerry to help you out. Kris is a talent buyer and booking agent who has booked such acts as Elvis Costello, Yes, Brandi Carlile, Randy Newman, Snow Patrol and The Decemberists among others.

In the interview you'll learn:​

  • How even the biggest of bands start out at a small club for a door percentage.
  • How booking your first gig is the most important part because every gig booking after that gets easier.
  • How "Making It" isn't being a rockstar but being happy being able to work with your music every day.
  • How it's not always about being technically perfect in order to succeed.
  • Advice on getting your first gig as an unknown band.
  • The importance of being a part of a community in order to be successful.
  • The importance of getting your friends to your first shows.
  • How networking is just as important as having talent.
  • The business cycle of supporting other local bands to sell your music and merchandise.
  • The two basic things to do to get a gig.
  • The importance of proper communication between bands and booking agents.
  • The importance of supply and demand when it comes to filling a venue.
  • The three things a band needs to be for the promoter to want you to come back. If you've got two of these you can get a gig fairly regularly. If you've got all three you're golden!

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Who am I and Why Should You Listen to Me?

Hi, I'm Björgvin Benediktsson, musician, audio engineer, educator and entrepreneur. Put those all together and you get a musicpreneur, someone whose sole passion is creating cool projects in the music industry that people can learn from to make an impact with their own music.

I've been a musician for over half of my life either on stage playing music and since 2008 I've been running various business ventures in the music industry. I have a degree in both Business Economics and Entrepreneurship so I've done all the boring business classes so you don't have to. I believe having an entrepreneurial spirit is the most important skill you can acquire to become successful. That's why I created the $1,000 Musician so I can get you started towards making your first (or next!) $1,000 in the music industry.