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Let me tell you a story about two band mates, Ethan and Josh.

They had written great songs together. They met regularly to jam in their rehearsal space with random musicians they found on Craigslist and they enjoyed creating music.

However, they kept having problems with finding the right musicians to become permanent members of their band so they sort of just stayed in the staus quo, silently jamming their incredible songs to nobody in particular.

But then Casey joined the band. 

Casey was a killer drummer that just moved into town and she took their songs to a different level. Instead of simple and melodic acoustic songs they now had a solid rhythm driving their music to the next level.

Now they had a decision to make. They could either keep jamming in their rehearsal space and eventually lose Casey to another band that was more active, or they could start making their music a priority.

Josh really wanted to play more shows. He was dying to sing live and loved the idea of gigging regularly, recording and releasing songs and putting himself out there. But that’s really where his ideas ended.

Ethan on the other hand, had more than wishful thinking on his side. He didn’t subscribe to the “if you wish it hard enough, it will come true” philosophy. He subscribed to the notion that if you want something to happen you have to pull up your sleeves, make a plan and go after it.

So he took it upon himself to create a vision for his band moving forward. He knew he could plan to get the band out of the garage. By executing on his plan he knew he could get the band out of the garage, get more members and become a regularly gigging band. Little by little he knew that would make them more fans, both local and worldwide.

So let me ask you? Would you want to be Josh, or Ethan?

If you answered Ethan you’re in the right place. That’s who I want you to be as well and this guide will get you started.

Hi, I'm Björgvin Benediktsson and I have a similar story...

There was a time I faced a similar decision.

Quit a band that had been my life for more than three years or give it one last big push.

This was my “Go big or go home” moment.

Of course, I can’t really say that I’ve really “Gone Big” but a year after I made that decision we had released our debut EP. We subsequently released four stand-alone singles, two of which will appear on our upcoming debut album. We also played over 40 gigs around our hometown as well as made some appearances at festivals and on the radio in our home state. And every time we garnered a little more recognition, tiny amounts at a time.

Not huge, but definitely better than rehearsing in a darkened room for two hours a week for nobody.

It’s that big first decision that makes all the difference. That baby step out the door is the beginning of something great. Because once you’ve taken that step, guess what? You’ll take another one. And then another one.

But before you do that you need the tools to get started.

My Top 10 Resource Guide is Broken Into Three Sections




Whether you’re looking for ways to save time booking gigs, getting more effective at rehearsing your songs before a show or just needing tools to increase your music exposure online, you’ll find all the free tools I used to get started in my free resource guide.

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Björgvin Benediktsson

Who am I?

As you know, my name is Björgvin Benediktsson. I'm a musician, audio engineer and entrepreneur. In addition to The $1,000 Musician I also run and I'm also one of the two front-people in The Long Wait.

Through helping thousands of musicians and audio engineers I've grown to learn how much I enjoy helping others make an impact with their music. 

Join me and grow your music career by treating your music as the business it can become.​

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