The Essential Guide to Making Money From Your Gigs as an Independent Musician

Your Step By Step Guide to Getting More Gigs and Making Money From Them.
  • How To Book Gigs: If you've ever struggled to get onstage, Get More Gigs gives you a systematic approach to researching and reaching out to venues and getting them to notice you without needing to use a booking agent.
  • How to Perform For More Fans: Learn to engage with your audience to create relationships with new fans and making the venue want you to come back.
  • Make More Money From Gigs: Create diverse income streams and learn to make as much money as possible from every gig by getting paid by the venue, its patrons and your fans. 

Here's What You Can Learn About Gigging From My 15+ Years of Playing Live Shows

Playing live is really fun and once you start gigging regularly it actually becomes quite addictive.

Addictive in the feel good fun way, not the strung out on heroin lying on the bathroom floor kind of way.

You might find that it's hard to get a gig in your town. Maybe nobody responds to your email or you don't have an "in" anywhere.

Or maybe you've been playing live for a while but you find it hard to make enough money to make your addiction sustainable.

Again, in that feel good kind of way, not the up for days on meth kind of way.

(Btw...I have a lot of lawyer friends that are public defenders that tell me addiction stories. These are not personal experiences!)

But I digress.

What I do know about is playing live and getting gigs.

I've been playing live music since I was about 15 years old which is more than half of my entire life.

I've played Scandinavian alt-metal at tiny dive bars in Iceland.

I've even been on a weird tour that took me to a huge arena in Greenland.​

Here's a picture if you don't believe me:

But since my teenage years I've toned it down a little bit. Ever since I moved abroad, first to Spain and then to the United States I've become more of a singer/songwriter.

I've been a frontman in a folk-rock group.

I've also been a touring bass player in an alt-country-western band, a '70s folk group and a guitar player in a folk/zydeco band.

And all along I've been gigging. Playing gigs big and small.

Tiny venues in Tucson.

This was a $250 gig. Not bad for a fun 2 hour set.

Auditoriums in Alaska.

Pool Parties in Palm Desert.

This was a $300 show in addition to food and lodging while we were on tour.

And everywhere in between!

But what I enjoy most is sharing my experiences so that people can experience the thrill of gigging themselves.

Which is why I wrote Get More Gigs: The Essential Guide to Booking, Performing and Making Money From Gigs as an Independent Musician.

It's my step by step system I've used to get more gigs than I can count from the last half of my life.

And you can get it for less than a fancy coffee drink from Starbucks.

Learn the Exact System I've Used to Make a Side-Income as a Musician

In Get More Gigs You'll Learn Things Such As:

  • ​The Three Things You Need to Have Before You Ask For a Gig
  • A Step By Step System To Reach Out to Venues and Getting Them to Respond
  • The Rule of Three to Be Booked Back
  • Online Promotion Strategies to Get People to Your Shows
  • A Crash Course in Live Sound So That You Sound Great to the Audience
  • How To Structure Your Concert to Get People to Remember You
  • The 4 Basic Ways to Make Money At Your Gigs (And How To Implement Them)
  • How To Get Paid As Much as Possible From Your Performance
  • The One Unique Way to Get Paid Royalties From Your Live Show After the Show Is Over
  • How To Make the Best Merchandise For Your Band
  • How To Price Your Merchandise So It Sells!
  • How To Make At Least 200% More In Tips Using This One Simple Tip Jar Trick

Inside Get More Gigs, You Will Discover:

A Simple Approach to Finding the Right Venues

Don't know where to start getting gigs? Get More Gigs gives you a step by step approach on what to do to before you start searching, as well as a blueprint to find every venue in your area and how to get them to notice you.

Multiple Ways to Make Money From Your Shows

Learn how to create multiple income streams during your show. Increase the amount you make from your performance and your merchandise sales, in addition to my Tip Jar Trick that gets you at least 200% more from your tips every show.

How To Get Play Gigs Even If No Venue Wants You

If you're just starting out it might be hard to fill 2 hour slots by yourself. If that's the case I'll teach you alternative ways to play gigs even if no venue wants you.

Create a Side Income From Recurring Shows

At the end of the book you should have a concrete path to create a side income playing live music regularly, increasing your exposure in your area as well as increasing your income.